Attention to all of our members! We have some news regarding our club locker room; it appears that our makeshift place to change and store our running gear has finally attracted a few pests. We will be using some of the club funds to handle the situation, so there will be no request for contribution or such. We do ask that if you would like to keep your clothes and equipment pesticide free, please get your stuff before Monday next week, as the place will be sealed off until the chemicals dissipate. We’ve already spoken to the best Pest Control Folsom company to do this for us and scheduled it for that day.

Let this be a lesson and reminder to everyone, please don’t leave your dirty laundry for an extended amount of time in your locker. Also, please refrain from keeping anything edible in the locker; I don’t even understand why you would do so in such a place, I mean it kind of smells there. Which reminds me; that from now on we will be keeping a large container of Disinfectant Air Sanitizing Spray, and we encourage you guys to spray your locker before you leave the next time the locker room opens.