We are currently working on our membership program, with so many wanting to join it became clear to us that we will no longer be able to handle things the way we used to when there were less than a hundred members. Gone are the days where I know every face and name that goes with the members of our group. Worry not though, as soon as we get things fixed we will be shouting it out to the sky, or email if you prefer.

Perks of Membership

Though membership is closed at the moment, we would like to share what perks current members have so that you may have an idea of what would be waiting for you once we reopen membership. Membership includes the following:

  • Wrekin Road Runner Shirt
  • Wrekin Road Runner Hat
  • Wrekin Road Runner Gym Bag
  • Water Bottle (Still being printed, we will notify members once it is ready for pickup)
  • A quarterly copy of our group Publication (Magazine just for the members)
  • Invitation to Potlucks and Barbecue events held by the group

If you are already a member and haven’t received some or any of these yet, please ask Mark or contact us via the contact page with your membership ID.


There is a nominal annual fee; I mean the perks doesn’t grow on trees, though new members don’t have to pay the first year, think of the perks as a gift we give each other. For special events like barbecues though, depending on the venue there might or might not be a request for contribution, though potlucks are normally just a “bring something to the party” kind of thing.

Everything on the site is free though, so just enjoy reading the running and health tips, along with our members running stories and experiences.


As Stated Above there are no fees for non-members and you may freely enjoy the content of the website. What you can do though is send us some of your experiences, stories, running tips and health advice you would like to share to the community. Of course we will take this to account once membership opens, people who contribute will be prioritized once we start opening new membership slots. So please enjoy our members’ stories, react and share your own stories, keep on visiting the site as we also posts running events you might want to join, and who knows we might even have the chance to meet.


Thank you for giving time to visit our site and your interest in becoming one of our members! We assure you that we are doing all that we can so that we could reopen our membership program as soon as we can. We hope that you would visit our site frequently and that we might meet each other in person sometime in the future, maybe even as fellow members of our little running community. Keep on Running and have happy wonderful and healthy days ahead!


The Wrekin Road Runner Community!