During a trip to Salt Lake City, I was invited over to say a few days at a friend’s house, we’ve known each other since middle school and my business trip was an excellent way for us to catch up. His home is quite beautiful, managed and kept tidy by his beautiful wife; I think it would be rude of me to state their names without asking them, so I won’t be.

They were the “No shoes indoor” type, which was fine since I found their carpeting to be very comfortable. On my first day, though I did a terrible thing; being unable to function well throughout the day without at least running 4 kilometers, I woke up early in the morning to do so. Unfamiliar with the terrain and the local area, I ended up walking on a muddy trail, which I totally forgot about on my way back. Exhausted and thirsty I thought about the bottle of sparkling water I put in the fridge the night prior, and head straight to the kitchen. After cooling myself off with the drink I realized that I forgot to take off my shoes, and much worse I discovered that I tracked a bit of mud on the entrance carpeting.


I panicked and tried everything to clean my mess while doing so my friend woke up and saw what I was doing. To my surprise, he did not get mad at me, as he was panicking as well, lucky for both of us his wife went out with her friends the night before and was asleep until noon. This exact situation happened to my friend before and knew exactly who to call, he was able to get someone from Carpet Cleaning Salt Lake City to come to their house that morning, got everything cleaned out and have them leave before his wife even woke up. Of course, we split the bill as it was my fault, I had offered to pay for the whole thing, but he insisted that he would pay half.

True Friendship

My visit to Salt Lake City reunited me with an old friend, in fact, it felt like the old days, getting each other out of trouble and making sure that only we would know of the events that transpired that morning. Hopefully, his wife would never read this entry and put the pieces together…The next morning my friend went on a run with me and showed me the best paths to take, and the morning after that his wife joined us, and we had breakfast at a café afterward.

I was hesitant to stay at my friend’s house at first, thinking it to be awkward since we have not seen each other for quite some time. But by doing so I was able to be reacquainted with a very good friend, and because of dirty trainers, a carpet and secret, our bonds became as strong as it was during our youth.