The First Marathon that you are running need not have to be as successful as you think as they are toughest ones. Unlike the sprint races, the case with the marathon is a bit different. To add to things if you are professionally into it, then you are taking more pressure. You are here, and we are sure that you are going to face your race. So we are here to help you out. Given below is a list of tips that will help you break your fear and help you face your first marathon with better courage.

Stay Positive:

You have almost had your training, and in the process of training, it is imperative that you practice patience and perseverance. Your mental strength is more important than the physical strength. So stay positive and work harder, success is all yours. Above all, believe in yourself.

Running Gear:

Make a checklist of things that you should carry along with you on your big day. Even if you are only an athlete make sure to carry your competition documents, medical certificates if required and other things that you will need. Do it a little ahead of time, so that you will not miss out anything at the last moment.

Know the knack:

Things are always a little different in a marathon. Do not focus on time, rather focus on the goal and the distance covered. Start slow and increase the speed of you running as you inch closer to your goal. Most people run fast and lose track as they move closer to the goal. So, begin the race slowly and save the energy for the closing part.

Your speed can fluctuate:

Your speed can fluctuate but make it consistent. For instance, you need not have to travel in the increasing degree. It can increase and decrease. Like, you can walk for 5 minutes once in every two miles, and this way you are spending and saving the energy at a consistent rate. The strategy totally depends on the potential of the runner. But do not fail to make a strategy. That can take a toll on your performance.


During the training period make sure that you stick to the dietician or the trainer’s advice. A week before the big day, make sure that you do not eat something that is unnecessary that will spoil your health. In case if you do not recover within time, it can have an impact on your performance. Most marathons take place in the morning, so go for a subtle liquid diet before the event.

Taper Madness:

Ok, you might not have heard about this syndrome called the taper madness. This is something that impacts every single person without his or her knowledge a couple of weeks before the event. This is because your practice sessions slowly decreases and you will have to spend time at home, and this can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Talk to people you love and stay positive, this way you can survive the syndrome.